CEP 813: Module 1 – Annotated Assessment/Evaluation Exemplar


The Technology Implementation Strategy Worksheet is designed to assess the plan, implementation and evaluation of inserting technology into an online environment. Below I will critically review the design of this assessment.

a) How would I describe the design of this assessment? (e.g., is it a test? a cloze activity? a group project? an essay assignment? a portfolio assignment etc.?) I would describe this assessment as a self-evaluation.

b) What is the purpose of the assessment? This assessment is about getting learners to deeply think about and defend why they were implementing technology in a specific area. The practice of completing the Implementation Strategy Worksheet challenges learners to think about whether they are using the right type of technology or maybe even if they are using too much or too little technology.

c) How does this assessment align, if at all, with the curriculum standards that guide my professional practice? I found that this assessment tool is an essential step in aligning the pedagogical priorities to support student outcomes. I do not have a set of curriculum standards to follow, but if I did, would would like to think this assessment aligns perfectly.  

d) What information will this assessment give me about each student? The Implementation Strategy Worksheet will inform me of the type of technology a student wishes to implement, how they plan on implementing it and how they will measure success. This assessment will give me a good idea of the student’s familiarity with technology as I analyze their use of terminology and the complexity of their chosen technology. I will also have the information needed to evaluate the student’s level of ability related to strategic planning related to the roll-out of a specific technology.       

e) How do I intend to use the information provided by this assessment? Because my students are non-traditional and come to me at very different skill levels, the information I obtain from this assessment with allow me to customize the lesson to their needs. Spicifically I will assess their skill level in regards to creating a strategic plan and help them think in depth about the use of technology in education.

f) What assumptions have I made about whether this assessment will, in fact, give me the information I need about the students who do it?

  • I assume students have the hardware, software and internet connection needed to access and work on the assessment
  • I assume students will think in depth about their rational behind their choice of technology
  • I assume students will write out in depth about their rational behind their choice of technology
  • I assume students have, or will create, a detailed plan
  • I assume the students have a live or demo course in which they would like to implement a technology tool
  • I assume students have access to online tools/resources and a wide selection of technology they can choose to implement

g) What skills have I assumed students have that will enable them to complete this assignment?

  • I assume the students have an appropriate level of knowledge to understand the terminology within the assessment.  
  • I assume students have the skill to design a use of technology within a course
  • I assume students have the computer skills to implement this technology
  • I assume students have the skill to build an online course
  • I assume if lacking any skills, the students have the skills to locate resources to obtain the knowledge needed to complete the assessment.

h) For whom would this assessment prove difficult? Why?

  • Students unfamiliar with the LMS or operating system they are using because implementation of technology can differ between formats
  • Students lacking in computer skills or ability to access proper resources because the assessment can become highly technical and complex with the possibility of unforeseen complications.
  • Students lacking in strategic planning skills because it may be difficult for them to see possible issues and solutions to having backup procedures in place

i) Based on my readings this week, are there ways that I can imagine re-designing this assessment so that it’s better in some way? Explain your rationale and justification for your re-design idea(s).

I believe value could be added by asking students to complete there own worksheet but to complete them one question at a time within groups. The group dynamic would encourage collaboration and students could also debate their rationales. This would create another level of feedback, one from peers and one from the instructor. 

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