CEP 813: Module 6 – CMS Screencast


Watch this CMS Screencast to see how I used Haiku to design an assessment directed at learners who wish to understand the affordances and constraints of different web browsers. Setting a browser recommendation within your classroom or professional environment can improve outcomes by limiting time loss to technology incompatibilities. It is important to understand the technology recommendations of all the tools used in the classroom and it is just as important to pass that information forward to your students.

The Haiku CMS is a key component of this assessment as it offers the ability for any learner to access the module with just the click of a link. The low barrier of entry allows this knowledge to by shared easily with anyone interested. To support our professional standard, the ease of sharing knowledge allows everyone to understand and contribute to the goals of the organization.


One thought on “CEP 813: Module 6 – CMS Screencast

  1. Hi Andy,

    I enjoyed exploring your assessment and use of Haiku. I often discuss using the Chrome browser with teachers because of its compatibility of use with Google tools, but I have never approached it as a comparison activity like you have within you lesson here. I think when you talk about allowing students to focus on the content rather than technical difficulties- you are hitting on an issue we run across all the time when utilizing technology with educators and students. I think you clearly identified the purpose, standards and audience for this lesson and assessment.

    I agree with your reasoning to use Haiku in that it allows for easy accessibility for all users. I really liked the poll feature you included for a quick snapshot of where everyone was at. Since we do have some added time available to us in our revised screencast, I am wondering if you could show in detail your Technology Implementation Strategy Worksheet and your Discussion Forum Rubric. Those were two really interesting components of your assessment but I could not read the small font in your current screencast. I was also wondering if the Technology Implementation Strategy Worksheet would be something that the learners would already be familiar with? It seems like the kind of universal form that you might use to introduce and analyze new technology tools on a regular basis. Finally, and this may be addressed if you just zoom in on the discussion forum rubric, but were there guidelines to interaction within the forum? I am wondering how you will encourage participation in an actual “discussion” rather than just individual posts or maybe just clarify your purpose for that particular feature.

    Looking forward to seeing your revision. Great work so far!


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