CEP 813: Module 6 – Self-Assessment Blog Post: Theory to Practice


The digital portfolio has been a hot topic of discussion recently in my career as an Academic Technology Coordinator. Outside of my efforts, there have been several unsuccessful attempts by my peers to implement a digital portfolio requirement into their education program. Each time the failure has come due to the challenging nature of the built-in digital portfolio tool within our current CMS. I am hesitant to suggest 3rd party tools that require extra login information for students and need of understanding unrelated to their course’s content area, especially when our CMS already has a built-in tool, but the internal tool’s lack of intuitiveness causes more issues compared with the issues that may arise from the use of an external tool. I have found that the value added from the proper use of digital portfolios will greatly out weight the challenges that may arise from orienting and supporting students with the creation of an educational tool such as this.

CEP 813 has challenged me to understand the value added through the use of digital portfolios. I see that if we are able to implement an intuitive system for our students to design digital portfolios with the proper guidelines and resources, our students and instructors will be able to track a student’s progress throughout the life of their educational program. Students and instructors will be able to relive their path and see a visual representation of the student’s progress in learning and understanding. Interventions can occur when learning gaps are observed and all parties are able to access a single repository to assess a vast amount of information on a single student’s journey. Students will then have one location to hold this information for as long as they wish to keep the platform active. Students can build upon this work far past the completion of their education program and carry this information forth into their professional environment.

My future goal will be to encourage my colleagues to revisit the possible use of digital portfolios. I will assist them in articulating the reasons they originally wanted to utilize digital portfolios and explore the reasons behind the past failures in implementing such assessments. I will bring forth the plethora of external tools and resources available to bring digital portfolios into our program and assist with exploration and experimentation to determine the best option(s) of our needs.

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