CEP 813: Module 6 – Self-Assessment Blog Post: Sandbox for professional growth


The digital portfolio has served as a collection space for my assignments as well as one large assignment itself. I have come to a deeper understanding that designing a system to organize and share information can be just as important as creating the content itself. Assessment of the digital portfolio spans vast amounts of time within a learner’s journey compared to the snapshot of a single assignment. The snapshots are important and necessary, as the portfolio would not exist without them, but the gathering of the snapshots creates a history and displays the learning trajectory. Thanks to the digital portfolio, I am able to look back to the beginning of the semester and see my professional growth in the field of assessment. Furthermore, because I am early in my MAET program, I will be able to not only reflect on my work here, but to re-explore it word by word. I also understand that the digital portfolio will be a part of my capstone project, so I am hopeful that my future courses take advantage of this affordance and encourage students to continue similar practices to CEP 813.

My digital portfolio has also served as a sandbox for experimentation with different styles of blog posts and add-ins to display my work. Within this platform I am easily able to visualize the differences and understand why the sharing of different messages may benefit from each of the styles. The digital portfolio has the affordance of open creativity while posting each artifact and within the digital portfolio I have realized how important it is to think about the audience during the design phase. The ability to include images and links allows for the creation of eye catching, but professional looking posts that encourage readers to click to research more. Using this sandbox to experiment with aesthetic design has been a valuable affordance within the digital portfolio.

Another key affordance to the digital portfolio is the ability to view the work of fellow students. As an online learner who wishes to dive deeper into the exploration of concepts, I have enjoyed the access to the completed and ongoing course work of my peers. Seeing assignments from different points of view has allowed me to consider different courses of action for my work, or in some cases, reassurance of the work I have done. This sharing of knowledge builds a network and creates a support system for the individuals involved.

Especially in the field of educational technology, the digital portfolio has been an effective and easy to manage tool to explore digital assessment. The ability to harness and share information related to a learner’s experiences over infinite periods of time makes the digital portfolio arguably one of the best tools that could be used throughout the learning spectrum.

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