CEP 813: Module 7 – CMS Screencast Final


Watch this CMS Screencast to see how I used Haiku to design an assessment directed at learners who wish to understand the affordances and constraints of different web browsers. Setting a browser recommendation within your classroom or professional environment can improve outcomes by limiting time loss to technology incompatibilities. It is important to understand the technology recommendations of all the tools used in the classroom and it is just as important to pass that information forward to your students.

The Haiku CMS is a key component of this assessment as it offers the ability for any learner to access the module with just the click of a link. The low barrier of entry allows this knowledge to be shared easily with anyone interested. To support our professional standard, the ease of sharing knowledge allows everyone to understand and contribute to the goals of the organization. Haiku’s integrated polls and discussion forums also play a huge roll in supporting the formative assessment pieces of this course.


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