CEP 813: Module 7 – Self-Assessment Blog Post: Best Work


I feel that some of my best work in CEP 813 came out of module 4, which focused on “Using Digital Games for Assessment”. For me, this assessment utilized my comfort with technology and gaming to strengthen my knowledge and understanding within the field of assessment design. The assessment truly used my strength to build upon my weakness. The technology and gaming piece provided visuals to support my growth in understanding assessment. I am a visual learner, so the Minecraft element brought assessment to life for me within the 3D modeling. It was beneficial to my learning about assessment to be able to build my own assessment within this environment. The assessment was also engaging and entertaining which encouraged me to press on and take my work to the next level.

The instructor’s assessment of my Minecraft creation included very detailed feedback which helped me reflect on the pieces of my project that turned out really well, and the elements I could improve. The criteria presented by CEP 813 instructors prior to beginning my project was crucial to the strategic design and my ability to achieve the elements focused on within the instructor’s feedback. I knew from the beginning what the expectations of the assessment where, and I was able to structure my design based on those expectations. The timely feedback also added value as the project was fresh in my mind, which allowed me to make connections between the feedback and my work effortlessly. The instructor’s assessment of my work encouraged me to think more deeply about how minor tweaks to my design could allow my creation to be used for multiple purposes. For example, my Minecraft design could be used as an introduction to computer components or and assessment of computer component knowledge. This assessment of my work supported my learning.

I value the lessons that will be drawn upon in my future thanks to this experience. I enjoyed creating this assessment as though it was going to be used within my own classroom. The screencast was created with my students as the audience, not CEP 813 instructors, which allowed me to focus on the real purpose of the assessment. I felt more confident with my assessment design when I thought about who and what this assessment was designed for, not acting as though my audience was to be my instructors. Focusing on the learners and their needs made the assessment more meaningful to me. I would hope to instill similar meaning to my learners through the assessments I create. Knowing that I was gaining real-world knowledge made all the difference regarding my engagement. I would hope that any assessment I create in the future is designed with application as a key component. Along with real-world application, I will strive to create engaging and entertaining elements that make the learning fun. Education should be fun. I am happy to say that the module that was most fun for me was also the module that produced my best work.

PC Minecraft

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