CEP 813: Module 7 – Formative Assessment Design version 3.0


Greger_CEP813FormativeAssessmentDesignversion3.0Assessments should be designed to support student learning and to inform instruction by first focusing on the long term goals. Long term goals for this assessment is defined as “a series of acts learners will be able to accomplish after successfully completing this assessment”. Long term goals for this assessment include the ability to create thought-provoking and engaging educational voice over presentations for learners that include integrated assessment and supplemental resources. The assessment design process should also pinpoint what is most worth understanding and instruction should be done with the goal that students will have the ability to transfer the learned knowledge in the future. Building in time for feedback and revisions are specific examples for how students could be directed toward the larger goals. Giving students the ability to stop, reflect and revise can really get students to rethink the trajectory of an assignment. This time also allows instructors to analyze and customize instruction. For example, I may be required to instruct specific learners on the basics of creating voice over presentations before they are able to focus on the piece related to integrating assessments (e.g. quizzes, ect.). The reflection and revision process creates more opportunities for exploration which creates more opportunity for learning and advanced instruction.

Learn more by reading my Formative Assessment Design v3.0

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