CEP 817: Module 4 Labs


Lab Part 1

In part 1 of the module four lab I read the following article from Psychology Today.


Lab Part 2IMG_0865

In part 2 of the module four lab I went through a process of priming my mind to begin the creative process. My problem of practice is related to the design of a simulated hospital/healthcare center, which would be used to supplement the educational environment students currently experience within the clinical setting with actual patients. This problem of practice is bringing up a lot of questions I am currently struggling with. A concern I have is being able to achieve all three of the learning methodologies within our simulation space, which include the affective domain, cognitive domain and psychomotor skills. I am researching many different methods for delivering simulated scenarios. Options range from actors to gamification and everything in-between.

Sense of reality, space and staff are a few of the major variables that create complications to forming a solution for this venture. I am currently working to break our needs into separate types of simulation stations. One area I am researching is related to the amount of physical space we have available to create simulation stations. I am researching to see if virtual reality is a practical solution to provide valuable educational experiences while limiting the need for space. My concern is that virtual reality does not allow for touch and personal connections necessary to educate to the skills of true patient care. Other possible solutions include computerize manikins, actors and task trainers, but these can also lack a sense of reality.

Lab Part 3

In part 3 of the module four lab I utilized the practice of incubation. Directly following part 2 of the lab exercise I spent approximately 30 minutes doing some light cleaning around the house. I washed the dishes and organized the kid’s toys. My mind is forced to wonder during these activities, especially while washing dishes, my mind wants to be anywhere else.

Lab Part 4

In part 4 of the module four lab I documented some of the outcomes from my incubation in part 3. I thought a lot about how it would be a positive experience for students to have several different stations with a mixture of different components/technology to provide an enriched level of exposure. Though certain aspects may lack a sense of reality, if done with the right outcomes in mind, students can come away with valuable learning experiences. I kept coming back to thinking about how to make the simulations as real as possible. We could add clothes, makeup and accessories to the manikins for added affect, but I feel stronger now more than ever that actors may be the best option. The problem is that actors are expensive and time consuming to train. Within my incubation process I was thinking about collaboration and how great it would be if we could get other departments on campus to work with us. Then it hit me. Would it be possible to work with performing arts to have their students act in our simulation space? We could greatly cut costs this way and it would be a win-win for both colleges. I have a lot of work to see if this is feasible, but I think this might be the kind of interdisciplinary activity that the university would encourage.

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