CEP 817: Ideate Problem of Practice


Module 4 Problem of Practice Part 1

The brainstorming session between our simulation lab coordinator, instructional designer and myself produced a wonderful web laying out the different simulation options and how they connect to our program goals for learning in the affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains. With most of the options and reasoning behind the options now on paper, we can focus on implementing these options into well-designed simulation scenarios.


Module 4 Problem of Practice Part 2

Below are my notes from the incubation process that followed the brainstorming session noted above. The ideas listed below came freely as I went about my normal day. The brainstorming session set the stage for these ideas to emerge, but the incubation process was fairly passive. I did not attempt to force thoughts of solutions; I merely let the ideas come as I periodically revisited themes of the brainstorming session.


Module 4 Problem of Practice Part 3

The process of Ideation has highlighted the importance of organized brainstorming and reflective incubation. I felt it difficult, but helpful, to keep the brainstorming sessions on a specific topic. It was easy to go down different rabbit holes, but having a goal in mind in the beginning and setting participant expectations made getting back on topic easier. I also found extensive note talking very helpful. Detailed notes helped the review of initial thoughts when ideas arose in incubation.

Going forward there are several ideas I will pursue. Along with exploring the possibility of collaboration with performing arts, I want to expand on other ideas to sustain a standardized patient program, increase the sense of reality using manikins and utilize virtual reality to supplement the clinical experience. I also want to focus on a preparation period, which includes an icebreaker activity for students to get warmed up to the simulation experience. Following events I would also like to include opportunities for participants to provide feedback. I look forward to moving these value adding ideas into the prototyping and testing phases.

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