CEP 817: Prototype Problem of Practice


The above video is the prototype of my problem of practice related to technology use in nursing simulation. The phases leading up to my prototype set the groundwork for a design I will soon be able to put into practice. The prototype phase generated more ideas then I originally thought it would. The empathize, define and ideate phases created a solid base of ideas that I was able to expand on within the prototype. As I pulled ideas together to see how they fit into the bigger picture, some of the original ideas held, but some needed adjustment and new ideas were discovered.

Creating a diagram of the simulation space and explaining the reason for the use of each room challenged some of my ideas. Seeing the space drawn out helped me see what worked and how adjustments would make the space more effective. For example, the thought regarding speakers in the hallway to provide ambient noise did not come until I saw how empty the hallways appeared on the diagram. Even after completion of the above prototype I have thoughts of changes to the design. I must continue to revisit the design model to improve the product and after the final phase of testing I must remember that the process is never truly complete.

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