CEP 810: Week 1 Essay


For my first assignment in CEP 810, I was asked to explore and write about Teaching for Understanding, Transfer and Awareness of Conceptual ChangeMy writing was heavily influenced by the work of Bransford, Brown & Cocking’s (2000) How People Learn. My complete essay explores the research and describes practical techniques that I have used in my professional environment to successfully teach high levels of understanding in the area of educational technology. Please review my complete essay by clicking the link above. Any feedback is welcome, as this will assist in the reflection of my work.

2 thoughts on “CEP 810: Week 1 Essay

  1. mssierragould

    I feel that one important part of our job as educators is to empower students to set and reach their goals! I love what you said in your essay about how you have goal setting conferences with your students. It allows them to take control and have ownership of their learning experience which makes it more authentic and memorable.


  2. Excellent essay demonstrating the importance of understanding the complex topic of education and learning. I really enjoyed reading about how you educate your students to be prepared for real-world problems and situations. I agree with your teaching philosophy because being practical is a just as important as being philosophical in educational settings. Well done!



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