CEP 810: Getting Things Done


This week in CEP 810 I learned about David Allen’s method of Getting Things Done. To


Open Icon Library. Diigo. 2016. Vector Image. Wikimedia Commons.

compliment this method, I was asked to explore high tech options to utilize in my professional practice for managing workflow. While completing the readings in the “organize” section, I thought about my reading style when it comes to online articles and nearly any other electronic document I come across on the web. For being so vested in the field of technology, its counterintuitive that I still prefer physical paper when I read. This method makes highlighting easy but it is a challenge to organize, store and search for my notes at a later date. Enter Diigo. This browser add-on gives me the ability to highlight text, add notes, capture images of custom selected areas, bookmark and share via email and social media. Furthermore, the “My Library” section stores all of the information in an easy to organize and search database. Initial setup was fairly easy on the computer, but the iPad took a little extra maneuvering. Fortunately, the help section was very detailed. It may take some time for my eyes to fully adjust, but I look forward to continuing this new style of web-based reading and note taking.


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