CEP 810: Network Learning Project – Post #2


Welcome to part two of my network learning project. As you may be able to tell from the pictures, video and text below, I have learned a lot about landscaping in the last few weeks. I still have a lot to learn, but I have accomplished a great deal.

Before and After - Post 2

YouTube has been a great resource for me to grasp basic understanding in separate areas of landscaping. While researching landscaping basics on YouTube, I found a nearly unlimited amount of videos. I feel confident in the information I have received as the most popular results are produced by home and garden stores. Thanks to the expert knowledge, my understanding has grown from just sticking plants and flowers in the ground, to realizing the importance of plant type, blooming period, soil, mulch, edging, and much more. Starting out I received suggestions to plant perennials, choose water wise plants and use organic mulch. Each of these suggestions from the basic videos expended into further videos with more detail. While researching mulch I found “one of the great benefits of organic mulches is as they protect the soil, they also break down and release nutrients which feed your plants” (Lowes, 2012). As I dove deeper into each category, I felt supported by the resources available through both YouTube videos and help forums.

While YouTube helped me grasp basic understanding of landscaping, help forums have been most helpful in diving into the complex questions I faced. It was much easier to locate specific information in the help forums thanks to more reliable search functions and ability to ask questions. For example, through my early research I realized the importance of knowing the blooming times for individual plants to make the garden colorful throughout the seasons. I have a Columbine flower that the National Gardening Association was able to inform me would “bloom from mid-spring to early summer” (2016). With this knowledge I arranged the plants in a pleasing way to display a bloom of Columbine around spring, Daylily in the summer and a Burning Bush in the fall. This level of detail would have been difficult to find in YouTube videos, so I am very thankful for the in-depth help forum resources.

Though I was thankful for all of the available information, it was difficult to determine the best options for my landscape. One difficult decision I faced was whether to install plastic, landscaping fabric or nothing underneath the garden. Many resources described different preferences and I had to determine the affordances and constraints for my circumstances. Searching help forums helped layout the reasons for each and I found an explanation that swayed me. “It gets too hot and cooks the roots. Plus, who wants to be pulling plastic pieces for the next 12 years?!” (momofjandj, 2012). During cleanup of my garden space I removed tons of landscape fabric, so I am happy to use soil and mulch alone going forward. Within the next week I plan on adding a stone border, fertilizer and mulch, so I greatly appreciate the ability to learn from the experiences of others in these areas. I will continue to reference the information obtained to enhance and maintain this newly revitalized landscape.


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