CEP810: Cooking with TPACK


This week in CEP 810 we explored TPACK (Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge). Among other important points, we learned how crucial it is to work on these three components together. Just introducing technology does not necessarily create an environment that fosters learning, creation and understanding. In this activity I learned first hand what it was like to not have control of my choice of technology or content. In the video below you’ll see how I repurposed the tools available to me to complete the project.

To begin the process my wife selected the tools I would use to complete and showcase a skill in the kitchen. I asked her to choose a plate, bowl and utensil. I gave her no other direction in that request. She brought to the counter a children’s Spider-Man plate, a children’s Anna and Elsa bowl and a children’s Minnie Mouse fork. Next I asked my wife to select a piece of paper out of a cup. She selected a piece of paper with the number 3, which meant I had to create a fruit salad using only the tools she selected in the previous step. The tools worked fairly well if the goal was to create a fruit salad for a three-year-old, but I would have made some other choices, especially with cutting the apple, if I had the choice.

The process helped me reflect on the importance of first focusing on the goal, then building the method and organizing resources to achieve the goal. Of course, there are times we must work with the resources we are given. In this case, I thoughtfully utilized the tools I had, though not perfect, to successfully make a fruit salad. In the end I was able to work on some transferable skills like creativity and problem solving.

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