CEP 811: Remix WeVideo


It is hard for me to put into words the joy I felt while creating this video. I have worked on similar projects but never with the in-depth knowledge I recently received related to remixing, copyright and fair use. In the past I have mostly used my own created content (videos, audio, pictures) while producing videos because I did not understand the appropriate methods of using and crediting content created by others. I have limited myself in the past out of fear of the unknown. As stated by the Electric Frontier Foundation, “Understanding the basics of fair use is critical to students’ ability to make good decisions about what kinds of creation and sharing are legally protected — or not.” (Electric Frontier Foundation, 2016). I now understand that it is unacceptable for me to avoid using value adding content in my work. Thanks to this process I feel more comfortable with doing it properly.

The concept of this assignment was extremely exciting to me as I created a remixed video while, at the same time, learning about proper remixing methods. This is the exact type of learning experiences all educators should strive to create and this is an additional lesson I have obtained by completing this assignment. The excitement I experienced while working on this assignment is the same fire I would like to ignite in the learners I work with. In just one week I have learned several lessons that will stick with me throughout my career. WeVideo was fairly easy for me to pickup as I have utilized similar tools to the past, but the creation of this video was about so much more. In my future work I will continue to explore the art of making, remixing, formative assessment and fair use to enhance my creations.


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