Annotated Transcript


Spring 2015

Teaching Students Online (CEP 820)

CEP 820 taught me how to create well-rounded modules for online learning. I explored a new online learning environment while considering affordances and constraints of features. The course covered how to view experiences from the points-of-view of individual stakeholders while attempting to create a healthy balance. By the end of the course I had created my own online course for educating individuals on common technology related to education.

: A. Heintz, E. Boltz

Summer 2015

Electronic Assessment for Teaching and Learning (CEP 813)

CEP 813 was one of my most challenging classes because I had minimal experience in education coming in. Technology was the easy part for me, but I had a large area for growth in assessment. Learning the difference between formative and summative assessment is a cornerstone of what I have learned in the MAET program. By the end of the course I felt confident in assessment practices as how to determine the types of assessments I will utilize in the future.

Instructors: P. Morsink, L. Wolf, S. Greenhalgh

Fall 2015

Learning in School and Other Settings (CEP 800)

CEP 800 was my first deep dive into learning theories. I was first challenged to explore my current work environment to pick out any learning theories that I may already have in place that I may not have realized. I also learned a great deal about misconceptions that arise during teaching and learning, and how to address these misconceptions. In the end of this course I created a technology implementation strategy worksheet that assists me with integrating technology with reasoning supported by established learning theories.

Instructors: C. Roseth, D. Campbell

Spring 2016

Learning Technology by Design (CEP 817)

CEP 817 introduced me to design thinking, and specifically the Stanford Design Thinking Model. The best insight I received from this course is that the design process is never complete. Throughout this course I focused on a problem of practice related to integrating technology into simulation.  By the end of this course I created a detailed report outlining design improvement of simulation in nursing education and implemented some details into practice.

Instructors: P. Mishra, C. Richardson

Summer 2016

Teaching for Understanding with Technology (CEP 810)

CEP 810 focused heavily on how people learn. I was challenged to explore my personal learning network and consider how we all learn. I also utilized TPACK to discover how to properly integrate technology into education. By the end of this class I created an interactive 21st century lesson plan supported by research in learning science.

Instructors: R. Houtman, E. Stone

Adapting Innovative Technologies in Education (CEP 811)

CEP 811 was an in-depth hands-on learning experience focused on the maker movement. Not only did I create a make-style assessment, I built the product while designing the assessment. Throughout the course I created as I learned. By the end of the course I created a unique computer chassis and an assessment designed to teach about computer components and general computing.

Instructors: J. Campbell, M. White

Fall 2016

Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice (CEP 812)

CEP 812 was a deep dive into questioning and the wicked problems faced by education in our global society. I learned why questioning seems to slow down at young ages and how to revive childlike wonder. Throughout this class we tackled wicked problems in education and leveraged technology for solutions. By the end of the course my group considered established research to present  solutions for keeping education relevant.

Instructors: A. Keller

Spring 2017

Technology and Leadership (CEP 815)

CEP 815 brought together the most important points of education, technology and leadership. Throughout the course I discovered what leaders really do and how successful ones become change agents within their organization. I learned about how technology is transforming our society and how to leverage that change for good in education. By the end of this course I created a leadership plan for my organization with detailed objectives considering all stakeholders.

Instructors: A. Yadav, S. Greenhalgh

Summer 2017

Approaches to Educational Research (CEP 822)

CEP 822 focused on researchable topics in education. Throughout the course I analyzed established research to support my goals for improving educational practice. I learned about different methods for collecting and sharing data. By the end of this course I gained the confidence to dive into educational research and utilize my findings for practice.

Instructors: E. Wong, C. Cheng, M. Lei, J. Westdal

Proseminar in Educational Technology (CEP 807)

CEP 807 was the culmination of my experience in the MAET program. The focus of this course was to create an intentionally organized collection of my previous work. Along with designing the presentation of my own work, I provided feedback for my peers throughout the course. By the end of the course I completed a peer and instructor reviewed electronic portfolio which I can share for my future professional advancement.

Instructors: M. Koehler, B. Dillman, A. Gaunt, S. Keenan