Welcome to my graduate showcase. The purpose of this showcase is to display some of the best work I have completed in the Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) program at Michigan State University. My best work is divided into three categories below; Leadership, Student Centered Learning, and The Maker Movement. In general, all of my work within the three categories will focus on the intersection of education and technology. Within my work I strive to create scenarios where technology positively supports the learning experience while attempting to avoid technology being the focal point in subjects where technology is not the central lesson. I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


Problem of Practice
This report dives into the complicated nuances of technology’s  effects on simulation experiences in education. The report speaks from the leadership position utilizing the Stanford Design Process. This project taught me how to view projects from the perspective of all stakeholders, consider all variables and helped me realize the design process is never complete.

Keeping Education Relevant
How do we keep education relevant when jobs that will available at graduation may not be invented yet? Leaders of all kinds are challenged to address this multifaceted problem. Through the research preformed during this project, I was encourage to find how many individuals and organizations are working on some of the largest problems that face our world. I also discovered tactics for being part of the solution.

LeadershipQuestioning for Life
The goal of this project is to inspire everyone to utilize inquiry in all facets of their life. As a leader, I believe the best thing I can do is to encourage questioning and allow others to share their dreams. This project helped me understand why we typically lose our natural desire to ask questions as we grow older and what we can do to bring it back.

Student Centered Learning

21st Century Lesson Plan
Along with enhancing collaboration, this lesson plan focuses on the individual student’s current understanding and strives to build upon that knowledge. Students advance through six levels of practice to reach mastery. This project taught me how to scaffold learning in a way that supports student advancement.

Personalized Learning
Every learner comes to the table with a background or history that will direct them in their future progress. This essay addresses the spectrum of student’s knowledge as they enter the classroom and discusses opportunities to manage the range of skills. This project expanded my knowledge in the techniques used to might students at their current understanding and encourage growth from that point.

Introduction to Computers using Minecraft
Explore computer components and expand knowledge in this self-paced interactive activity. Learn computer components by touring a 3D model and grow from the current understanding. This project encouraged me to create an engaging assignment by replacing a text book with this popular video game using virtual note cards to provide the same information.

The Maker Movement

The Digitally Enhanced Coffee Table for Education
This project allowed me to design a creative hands-on approach to constructing a PC. Along with teaching individuals about the different functions of computers, this product can support education in other life skills. I now understand the value of the maker movement which encourages learning through doing rather than memorization.

Fostering a Maker Culture in the Training of Student Employees
This infographic was created to enhance the maker spirit in my student employees. They needed to understand that I encourage “play” and embrace failure throughout the learning process. This project taught me how to better connect with my audience by allowing them to showcase their current level of understanding.

Maker Lesson Plan
The maker lesson plan’s objective is to create understanding surrounding device and data management for classroom technology support technicians. This lesson contains formative assessment and a maker-style activities. This project encouraged me to stray away from summative assessment and design assessments that improve growth in hands-on skills.

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